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Chesapeake and Ohio 100 Ton Coal Car 1921

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C&O Railway 100-ton hopper car with Lewis 6-wheel trucks

By the 1920s, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) was exporting an ever-growing quality of coal from the coal fields of West Virginia and Kentucky via its coal loading docks at Newport News, VA. In 1921, to handle its coal exports more efficiently, the C&O placed an order for 1,000 coal cars of 100 tons capacity. The order was equally split between the Standard Steel Car Company and the Pressed Steel Car Company. The 100-ton cars shown in the plans below were flat-bottom, high-side, gondola type cars, ordinarily unloaded by car dumpers, but were built with four drop doors that permitted them to be uploaded where dumpers were not installed. The C&O 100-ton cars used Lewis 6-wheel trucks and were similar in design to the 100-ton cars then in use on the Norfolk & Western Railway (Norfolk and Western 100 Ton Coal Car 1921) and the 120-ton cars used by Virginian Railway (Virginian Railway 120 Ton Coal Gondola Car).

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