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Chesapeake and Ohio 4-8-2 Mountain Steam Locomotive Class J1

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The C&O Class J-1 locomotives were the first 4-8-2 type locomotives used in the United States and at the time they were built they were the largest and most powerful simple locomotive every built. Following their completion by Richmond plant of the American Locomotive Company (Alco), the C&O took delivery of the first J-1s in June 11. The J-1s were used in heavy passenger service, primarily on the Clifton Forge Division. The 4-8-2 wheel arrangement were named "Mountain" types by J.F. Walsh, Superintendent of Motive Power, C&O Railway, in honor of the Allegheny Mountain grades that the locomotives traveled. Only two Class J-1s were built, but a total of 14 additional 4-8-2 were used by the C&O in later years (Class J-2 and J-3). The J-1s remained in service until near the end of the steam era. The last J-1s were retired during 1951-52.

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