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Clarksburg, Weston & Glenville Railroad

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The Clarksburg, Weston & Glenville Railroad (CW&G), headed by Johnson N. Camden, was created by transfer of the holding of the Weston and West Fork Railroad, on Jan. 29, 1879. The line was a narrow gauge railroad, completed between Clarksburg to Jane Lew on August 9, 1879, and from that point, completed to Weston, WV on September 1st of the same year. On November 1, 1879, the railroad took over the mail services to points along its route. The Riverside Iron Works, of Wheeling, WV, supplied the rails, fish plates, bars, and spikes used to build the road.

In June of 1883, the CW&G was extended to Buckhannon, WV. The CW&G was merged with the Weston & West Fork Railroad Company, on April 10, 1889, to form the Clarksburg, Weston & Midland Railroad Company. In about 1891-2, the West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad took possession of the line, converting it to standard gauge.