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Durbin Branch - WM RY

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The Durbin Branch of the Western Maryland Railway (WM) extended from Elkins, WV, in Randolph County, to Durbin, in Pocahontas County, where it made a connection with the Greenbrier Division of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O).

This rail line was originally built by the Coal & Iron Railway, being completed on August 1, 1903. The road was purchased by the Western Maryland on November 1, 1905.

The names of the stations on the Durbin Branch were as follows: Elkins; Tunnel Station, Lumber, Meadows, Faulkner, Bowden, Woodrow, Montes, Bemis, Morribell, and Glady, in Randolph County, and Summit Cut, Wildell, Gertrude, May, Burner, Braucher, and Durbin, in Pocahontas County.