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Grafton & Belington Branch - B&O RR

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The Grafton & Belington Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) extended southeastward from Grafton, WV along the east bank of Tygart River to Belington, WV, a distance of 41.3 miles. The road was originally built by the Grafton and Greenbrier Railroad (G&G), which was chartered in April, 1881. The G&B completed its narrow gauge line between Grafton and Phillipi, WV in December, 1883, opening the line to traffic in January, 1884. The line was extended to Belington in 1887.

The railroad was purchased by the B&O in 1892 at foreclosure and was reorganized as the Grafton & Belington Railroad (G&B), and converted to standard gauge on May 1,1892. By the early-1910's, the B&O's Grafton & Belington Branch was handling a large volume of freight traffic in coal and lumber.


The following stations were located on the Grafton and Belinton Branch of the B&O in 1913.

Distance from Grafton
in Miles
Station County Elevation
0.0 Grafton (map) Taylor 999.85
5.4 Stonehouse (map) (1) Taylor 1001.5
6.9 Cecil (map) Taylor 1011.0
8.8 Sandy (map) Barbour 1035.6
41.3 Belington (map) Barbour 1701.6

(1) Stonehouse, or Stone House, was later inundated by Tygart Lake, in 1938