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New River Bridge Company

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On January 25, 1887, the New River Bridge Company was incorporated in West Virginia, and purposed to construct and maintain a toll bridge across the New River at or near the mouth of Arbuckle Creek, present-day Thurmond, Fayette County. The original incorporators were: Frank Lyman, A. Augustus Low, Seth Low of Brooklyn, NY; M. Erskine Miller and H. M. Bell of Staunton, VA.

In October of 1887, the company began construction of a railroad bridge across the New River at Thurmond, to connect the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) at Thurmond with the Greenbrier & New River Railroad (G&NR) track on the opposite side of New River. On March 11, 1889, the C&O leased the bridge, while it was still under construction. The bridge was completed in April of 1889, and was acquired by the C&O on October 24, 1890.