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Norfolk and Western 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive Class W

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N&W Railway 2-8-0 Class W Consolidation type steam locomotive

In 1902 the Class W Consolidations had become the standard freight engine used on the Norfolk & Western Railway (N&W). Designed for handling heavy tonnage the locomotives handled N&W's ever increasing coal traffic. The first group of the Class W locomotives, thirty in number, were delivered to the N&W in 1898-99 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works.

In 1900 the N&W started building its own versions of the W2 class in the company's Roanoke Shops, changing the design in several ways. The N&W engines featured 5,000-gallon tenders and piston valves instead of slide valves. By 1902, the company had 75 of this class in operation. As an experiment, one locomotive, engine 832, was built with an wide firebox. The design proved to be successful and the improved design was adapted as standard design. In 1902 the railroad placed an order for an addition 48 locomotives of the revised design from Baldwin.

To obtain the drawings of the Norfolk & Western Class W 2-8-0 steam locomotive (shown below), visit Google Books and download a copy of the book (PDF). Additional information about the N&W W2 class 2-8-0s came be found in the May 1902 issue of the Railway Locomotive and Engineering, also available on Google Books.