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Virginian Railway Buckeye Trucks for 120 Ton Coal Gondola Car

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Virginian Railway 120-ton gondola hopper car (shown with Buckeye trucks)

In 1920, the Virginian Railway ordered 1,000 120-ton coal cars from the Pressed Steel Car Company to more effectively move coal from the West Virginia coal fields to the railroad's coal docks at Sewall's Point, near Norfolk VA. Two different types of six-wheel trucks were used on the cars. One type of truck, the Lewis truck, was made by the American Steel Foundries and the other, the Buckeye truck, by the Buckeye Steel Castings Company. In the drawings (below) the Buckeye truck is shown. Drawings of the Lewis truck can be found at the article Virginian Railway 120 Ton Coal Gondola Car. The Virginian cars were gondola type cars, ordinarily unloaded by rotary car dumpers.

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