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Visit the site: [http://www.amtrakhistoricalsociety.com/ Amtrak Historical Society]
Visit the site: [http://www.amtrakhistoricalsociety.com/ Amtrak Historical Society]
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The Amtrak Historical Society™ was founded in 1991 as a not-for-profit corporation under the law of the state of Illinois. The primary purpose of the Society is to preserve the history of Amtrak and to establish its place in the archives of U.S. railroading.

Era: On May 1, 1971, Amtrak took over operation of passenger trains in WV.

Visit the site: Amtrak Historical Society <script language='JavaScript' src='http://www.wva-usa.com/phpAds/adjs.php?target=_blank&withText=0'></script>