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Chesapeake and Ohio 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive Class G8

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C&O Railway 2-8-0 Consolidation, Class G8

Two publications from early 1900s contained drawing of the C&O Class G-8 steam locomotive, #631, built in the Richmond plant of the American Locomotive Company (Alco) in 1907. The locomotive is one of two experimental locomotives that deviated slightly from the G-7 class, with a somewhat larger boiler. Engine #631 was part of the C&O's exhibit at the Jamestown Exposition of 1916. The unique design of the G-8s were never duplicated, perhaps because the railroad was not satisfied with their performance, yet both locomotives continued to serve in active duty until near the end of the steam era. Both were retired in 1952.

The C&O, like many American railroads, favored the Consolidation type locomotives. In 1915 58% of the railroad's entire fleet of locomotives were of this type. Build as mainline locomotives, the 2-8-0s' mainline duties were gradually replaced by larger motive power such as the 2-8-2 and Mallets. They were very fit for various sorts of branch line and terminal service, and routinely were used on branch line passenger trains. The last C&O 2-8-0s were retired from active service in the 1950s.


The graphic labeled "REDUCED FACSIMILE..." in the article below is actually a scale drawing of the C&O Class G-8 steam locomotive.

Visit Google Books to download a PDF of this book.