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Welcome to: WVRailroads, your source for information on West Virginia's railroads, past and present. In addition, you'll also find info and links to model railroading, train excursions, photos and more.

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WV Railroads @ Blogger

Check out the blog edition of WV Railroads @ Blogger, featuring news, editorials, and information about the railroad lines and operations in West Virginia and the greater Appalachian region

Riding the Virtual Rails

The blog edition of WV Railroads provides additional information on our video series, "Riding the Virtual Rails". The videos in this series are produced using Auran's Trainz Simulator software and feature West Virginia railroad related themes.


West Virginia Southern Railway
Marlinton Depot
N&W Virtual Modeling

Visit the WV Railroads Photos section to browse the images online our new photo gallery. Although currently under construction, we'll be adding many more photos to the gallery during the coming weeks.