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Spruce Branch - WM RY

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During 1928 the Western Maryland Railway (WM) purchased that portion of the Greenbrier, Cheat & Elk Railroad that began at Cheat Junction, Randolph County, and extending south along Shavers Fork to Spruce, where it turned west, crossing through the mountain passes between the headwaters of Tygart, Cheat and Elk rivers, and then down Big Spring Fork of Elk to Slaty Fork. From this point it extended northward don main Elk, passing into Randolph County at the mouth of Douglas Fork, and entering Webster County at the Whitaker Falls, and from there proceeded down the south side of the river to Bergoo at the mouth of Leatherwood Creek.

The Spruce Branch was entirely of standard gauge, the principal function of which prior to the 1920's was as a log carrier for the West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company. The road provided a general fright and passenger service in the region, which also included extensive coal depostis of eastern Webster, southern Randolph, and northwestern Pocahontas counties.