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West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad

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The West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad (WV&P) was incorporated in West Virginia on January 30, 1876.

The railroad was placed into the hands of receivers Johnson N. Camden and Clarence Cary on June 1, 1898. Soon afterwards, the mouth of Williams River become the projected terminus of the railroad, near present-day Cowen, WV, in Webster County, to develop the area's untapped timber resources.

Under Camden's leadership, several railroad lines were merged into the reorganized West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad, which included: the Clarksburg, Weston & Glenville Railroad, the Buckhannon & West Fork Railroad; and the Weston & Centreville. A branch was extended from Weston to Sutton, in Braxton County, via Flatwoods (Lane's Bottom), from which a branch was extended to Camden-on-Gauley, in Webster County, and later to Richwood. Each branch terminated in a region previously unopened.

On August 31, 1899, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) took over the line, with Johnson N. Camden retaining his position as president of the road. In 1901, the WV&P was completed to Richwood, WV thus providing a rail connection between the B&O and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) in West Virginia, by way of Weston, Clarksburg, Buckhannon, Sutton, and Richwood, WV.

On Dec. 31, 1990 the WV&P was merged into CSX Transportation, Inc.


West Virginia and Pittsburgh Branch

Jane Lew Lumber Siding
D. H. Dowing Lumber Siding
Burnsville Grocery Co.
Burnsville Flour Mill
Highland Lumber Siding
Smith Brothers Planing Mill
Berry Siding
Fisher & Berry Lumber Co.
No. 2 Tunnel
G. F. Stockert Lumber Co.
W. Va. Pulp and Paper Co.
J. A. Baker, Lumber
Holly Junction
Bakers Run
John Paulhamus & Sons

Sutton Branch of the West Virginia and Pittsburg Branch

Karl Siding
Sutton Grocery Co.
Pardee-Curtin Lumber Co.